Killing the Family

In The Prince, Machiavelli says that once a royal family is taken over, they must be killed in order to extinguish their challenges and to start over. Now to transfer that over to the business world, I like to think about organizational culture. When a company merges or a team gets a new boss, most people are concerned with how things are going to change. Hopefully, if two companies merge, they have similar cultures.  When there is a new boss, the hope is that they will keep to the culture. But a decision has to be made, if the company is failing, do you kill the family, change up how the organizational culture flowed, or do you keep it the same? Messing with a compnay’s culture can be tricky. If the culture isn’t the issue with the company, then why change it if you plan on keeping the current employees. A change in leadership is hard enough as it is. To ease people into the acceptance of change, it would be best to try and keep the culture as similar as possible.

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