Effective Leadership Chapter 10

One of the things that I found interesting in this chapter was the pride topic. I never really thought about pride in the sense of leadership but once I gave it some more thought, it makes total sense! Having pride can break you if you let it. The book talks about two different forms of pride; Hubris, which is excessive pride, and authentic pride, which is based on specific accomplishments that produce genuine feelings of self-worth.  People with hubris pride often resist feedback and fail to acknowledge or admit their mistakes. Most people might think that if you have authentic pride then you’re automatically a good leader, but I like to think of humbleness as a trait that goes hand in hand. Now being too humble can get you in trouble by not showing yourself off when you need to. However, if you know when to be humble and when to be prideful, I believe that that is a deadly combination, in a good way, that will keep your people from thinking you’re full of yourself or that you’re too timid.

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